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Pine Stump History

In the 1800's this region was a vast uncut forest that provided logging employment for any and all hearty enough to survive it. Northern Alger, Luce and Chippewa counties were dotted with remote logging camps a day or even several days' travel from the closest town (Newberry). The postman created a solution to communicating with all the residents of these remote camps by placing a large iron mailbox on a huge pine stump at a major intersection in the logging roads."Pine Stump Junction" appears on county road maps as early as the 1860's.

October 1, 1934 Joseph A. and Emily "Maw" Pelletier moved out to the northern wilderness of Pine Stump Junction. They ran a large bunk house for loggers, hunters and trappers playfully named the "Stagger Inn." "Maw Pelletier" was well known for her cooking and pie baking skills.

Image Courtesy of Jim Dwyer
This postcard was postmarked on November 18, 1941
The white building is the house and the "Stagger Inn" was to the north.

June 30, 1944 Sherman W. and Helen Hickman purchased the Stagger Inn
and added a little store onto the south side of the house they called "Pine Stump."
Image Courtesy of Jim Dwyer
This postcard was postmarked on September 3, 1949
The north end of the building (behind the car) is the original house which is now the gift shop. The first floor of the addition was the original Pine Stump "Cabins, Groceries & Beer" and the second floor was bunks for travelers.

October 14, 1959 R.J. and Mary C. Fair purchased Pine Stump. "Ted & Molly" owned and operated Pine Stump with the help of their family Bob, Janet & Harvey for 31 years. The Fair's created many of the legends and fond memories that really put
Pine Stump on the map.

Late 1960's - the original addition was torn off the house and the full length building you see today was built without the upstairs bunk house.
1990 - Scott and Elsie Simmons purchased Pine Stump. Together with their sons they created "Simmons' Pine Stump Family Oasis"
1992 - The Stagger Inn was torn down, many locals were sad to see it go.
1996 - U.S. Postal Service began delivering mail north of Pine Stump Junction
May 2011 - Pine Stump's latest renovation began!
23583 County Rd 407, Newberry MI 49868
(906) 658-3364